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Window Tinting Place specializes in superior window tinting services for both commercial and residential buildings in the Tampa Bay Area. We carry a wide range of solar control, safety and decorative tinting options suitable for every budget.

Our window tinting film provides significant benefits
  • Window tinting film keeps your interior from fading and protects you from damaging sunrays; the film is designed to reduce the effects of solar heat, radiation and visible light on your furnishings, fabrics, carpets, flooring, wood, paintings, etc. and will block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation.
  • Applying window tinting film results in increased comfort, preservation of belongings and lowered energy bills. From our experience, typical energy savings take less than 5 years, and some cases, as low as 1.5 years. We offer a comprehensive analysis to calculate energy saving costs.
  • Payback periods vary depending on type glass or film, cost of air conditioning and heating, demand rates and cost of the installation.
  • Create the effect to one-way mirror,given the proper lighting allowing a person to be undetected while viewing into an adjoining space
  • Superior heat reduction to increased comfort and minimize the cold spot.
  • Significant fade protection reduction, furniture,carpet,draperies,wood,blinds,etc,-99% uv radiation damage.
An Example of Savings based on our Window Tint
  • An existing building with 500,000 sq.ft of office space on 20 floors, equipped with 30,000 sq.ft of single pane glass windows.
  • Projected reduction in energy use: 397,656 kwh.
    Average cost per kwh: $.125.
  • Projected reduction in annual energy spending: $ 49,707.
Window Tinting Place offers a full range of professional Frosted Film suitable for every purpose, style and décor, with quick and seamless installation.

The application of frosted window film provides:

  • Privacy. The film on window and glass creates an etched or frosted partition to enhance privacy or create tranquil atmosphere while still allowing the majority of light to enter.
  • Reduced interior glare and hot spots.
  • An ideal medium for creative expression
  • Upgraded look of hallways, elevators, foyers, boardrooms, and reception areas in hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, dental offices and other professional as well as residential settings.
  • Advertising for your business by create lettering and signs.
The Alternative

A preferred medium to sandblasted is graphic film. Film has the look and feel of sandblasted glass and can be custom to almost any pattern and applied on-site at less cost. The best feature of film is the ease with fingerprint, smudges and stains can be removed by ordinary glass cleaner. Also with film, an old design or logo can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

Concerns With Sandblasted Glass

There are many graphic medium that can be considered but the most common has been the sandblast finish. While sandblasting can create the desire effect on glass, there are number of downsides to using this medium. Sandblasting is not only expensive but sandblasted glass is difficult to maintain since finger prints and other stains can easily be removed.

Security and Safety Window Film for Chatter Glass

Window Tinting Place provides quality security window film options that will protect your premises against intrusions, explosions, breakage, natural forces and vandalism. We offer a simple and cost-effective way to protect both businesses and homeowners.

Solar Gard Armorcoat safety films help preserve shattered glass and protect building occupants.Anything from a stray ball to a violent storm can send dangerous shards of glass flying, subjecting people and property to serious damage or injury. Armorcoat safety films keep pieces of glass together upon impact, whether due to accidents, natural disasters, break-ins, vandalism or explosions.

  • Tough resilient Armorcoat safety films are composed of incredibly strong, opts quality polyester, high-grade ultraviolet inhibitors and special laminating and mounting adhesives, with a protective, scratch-resistant coating.
  • Pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive helps hold glass in place when natural disaster vandalism, explosions, bomb blasts and other incidents result in glass breakage.
  • Solar versions of Armorcoat safety films reject up to 80% of the sun’s total solar energy to improve occupant comfort, reduce energy consumption, and improve exterior aesthetics, while still affording increased protection.
  • Both clear safety and solar safety versions block nearly 100% of the sun’s destructive ultraviolet light from entering through windows to provide protection from premature fading and deterioration of furnishings.
  • Armorcoat safety window films are manufactured in thickness between 2 Mil (50 micron) and 14 Mil (350 micron).
  • All Armorcoat safety window films are backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty and are easy to dean and maintain.



Window Tinting Place are a business solution for security.  They can delay or prevent a forced entry. The films are adhesive coated and bonds to the glass and glazing with laminator films, in order to hold the glass together in the event of shattering, similar to laminated glass. Our safety films are provided with a smooth-coated finish, to offer a far superior optical clarity. The performance of these films is affected by: the adhesive bond strength, thickness of polyester, quality of application, and the window’s structure and frame.

The difference between film and laminated glass is that film can be applied to glass or glazing after manufacture or installation. These films are used worldwide. They can be found on: buildings, residential homes, stores, warehouses etc.

In order to assist in keeping the glass attached to the Security Window Film, and the frames, Shatter Safe Security Window Films recommend that the glass must be attached to the window frame (not the gasket) so that the edge of the film becomes an integral part of the glass and the frame. There are two common methods of accomplishing this. Wet Glaze utilizing a Building Compound adhesive more commonly known as Dow Corning 995. The other is a mechanical attachment system that utilizes metals that are attached to the window frame and cover part of the exposed window films.

Window Tinting Place takes the components of an effective window film application and integrates them accordingly, into every installation, to ensure that our Tampa Bay businesses have optimal security for their property.

In addition to solar control and decorative effects, the benefits of safety and security window film include:

  • Protection from Spontaneous Glass Breakage Protective safety films maintain the weather seal of the building and prevent the danger of glass pellets that would otherwise instantly fall from tempered glass breakage. Window film also protects home contents inside the property from the elements, including wind, rain.
  • Prevention of Break-Ins  and Theft for Both residential and commercial properties can use window film to enhance security. Professional thieves can take as little as 4 minutes to break in through a window and steal many valuables …. Window film acts as a serious deterrent.
  • Personal SafetyFilms with the correct certification can be used to upgrade existing glass and glazing to meet the safety standards specified in building codes.  Using window films on float glass (normal window glass) or tempered, (toughened glass) minimizes the damage of broken glass, and reduces the likelihood of a sudden impact, causing shards and glass pellets from falling.
  • Protection During Earthquakes Safety and security films protect people and property during seismic activity. They help to keep the window glass in its frame and therefore, will prevent injuries caused by falling glass.
  • Protection from Bomb and Blast Hazards Tampa Bay has many different buildings and that means that there is a lot of glass. Flying glass is often the biggest cause of injury and trauma in the event of an explosion. Window films reduce shards of glass and protect the internal environment. In some cases, the films can retain the pane of glass in the window frame.
  • Protection from Hurricanes and Windborne Debris Safety films are used to protect against flying glass when glazing is broken by windborne debris. Films help maintain the weather seal of a building, by helping to prevent windows from shattering, and retaining shattered glazing in the frame. This reduces damage from water and high winds. If the seal can be maintained, roofs are less likely to be blown off, and the building is more likely to survive the storm.

Safety and security films are used to prevent injury from broken glass. They can be adhered to toughened, annealed, or laminated glass. Window films are available in various thicknesses, which are determined by the level of protection required, and the dimensions of the glass pane.

What are Sun Control Films?

Sun Control Films are precision coated films that are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat, which is transmitted through window glass. All films are transparent and optically clear.  The UV protection in the solar window film protects home and office furnishings from fading. They block up to 99% of UV rays, which is the main cause of fading.

Sun Control Films are available in a range of densities and colours to satisfy all requirements for performance and appearance.  Window Tinting Place Sun control Films are protected with an abrasion resistant coating, for long-term durability, and a maintained appearance.

The Benefits of Solar Window Film Include:

  • Reduces room temperature
  • Affordable
  • Protects furnishings from fading
  • Does not raise the energy bill
  • Provides privacy
  • Does not change the view
  • Protects glass
  • Reduces impact of breakage

How do Businesses benefit from having Sun Control Window Film on their windows?

Commercial customers apply window film on their buildings to: improve tenant comfort, reduce energy costs, improve aesthetics, reduce fading, improve safety and security, extend life of their property and equipment.  Sun Control films can be a valued alternative to adding more air conditioning, equipment and electrical upgrades. It also improves HVAC efficiency by virtually eliminating hot/cold spots within a building.

How long does it take to benefit from energy savings with Sun Control Window Films?

Payback periods vary depending on: the type of glass, type of film, cost of air-conditioning and heating, demand rates and cost of installation.  From our experience, typical energy saving paybacks takes less than 5 years, and in some cases, as little as 1.5 years.  We offer a comprehensive analysis to calculate energy savings for your business.

Project Example:
– An existing 10 storey building with 100,000 sq.ft.  Space upgraded with Low E Amber Film
– Peak KW reduction = 60KW/Maximum CDN
– Rebate = $33,000 / Total reduction – 220,000
– KWH Payback = 1.5 years

How do Classic Window Film’s Sun Control All Seasons Films work?

Sun Control All Season Window Films, or Low E films, function similarly to sun control films except they offer an increased performance against cold weather heat loss.  The patented construction of these films reflects more heat back into the room where it is needed.  This improves comfort by reducing potential drafts near the window, and saves on fuel costs in commercial buildings.  Classic Windows Film provides long-term durability, and a maintained appearance, with our unique abrasion resistant coating.

How long does it take for Sun Control window films to dry?

It takes approximately 30 days for the film to fully dry and cure.  During the curing process, it is natural to have small water bubbles and/or a hazy, milky appearance.  These will disappear as the film dries.  Once dried, the film will look fantastic and performs like new for up to twenty years or more.

What are Solar Films made of?

Solar films are dyed or metalized polyester laminates. They consist of several thin sheets of film, bound together by an adhesive, to form the sheets of various thicknesses from 2 mils to 14 mils. One side is coated with either a pressure-sensitive or water-activated adhesive film, while the other is coated with a hard scratch resistant coat.

Some films that provide UV protection contain chemicals like cyclic-amino-esters, while others contain a thin metallic coating made from either aluminum, stainless steel, silver or a combination that reflects and absorbs solar radiation.

How long does Solar Film Last?

Solar Film lasts 12 to 22 years and comes with a warranty. Aside from direct damage occurrences, the film comes with a lifetime warranty for Residential properties and 12-15 years for Commercial properties. Replace the film when there is visible damage.

Frosted window film can be applied to windows in the office and home to enforce privacy. The frosted film allows a substantial amount of sunlight to enter the room while reducing visibility from outside. The film can be used for privacy in residential areas and commercial and high security buildings. Frosting comes in a number of designs that you can choose from. There are several advantages to having frosted windows:

  • Privacy
  • Improves Appearance of Building
  • No Drapes or Blinds Needed
  • Protection from UV and Solar Heat
  • Reduces A/C Usage
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduces Fading Furnishings

Frosted window film is commonly found on dressing rooms and restrooms, for its ability to maintain the privacy of the room it has been chosen to work for. However due to the film giving windows a sophisticated feel, it is no longer limited to rooms where privacy is required, and can be applied on a purely aesthetic basis.  With frosted window film not only does the appearance of the house or buildings improve but due to not having to install blinds or drapes, windows are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. The film will also protect home contents including furnishings and hanging art from fading and discolouration due to sunlight.

Frosted glass allows natural light into the room but filters out a substantial proportion of harmful ultraviolet solar rays. The reduction in solar energy entering through the windows means rooms with frosted window film experience less heat and remain relatively cool when temperatures outside are high.

The filtering of UV and solar heat by frosted window films reduces the amount of air conditioning required to regulate room temperature especially during the warmer months of the year. This means less electricity is needed which translates into lower power bills.

To find out more about frosted window installation, call us for a free consultation, (727) 851-7646.

Sandblast and Decorative Graphic Films
Sandblast film looks like sandblasted glass but it is easier to maintain and far less expensive. There are hundreds of coloured graphics available which can be custom cut to any size.

Digitally Printed Graphic/Privacy Films
Digital printing on a translucent film is for privacy and enhancing the business image, by complementing a theme, conveying a message or motto. Take advantage of our colour matching capabilities to create a custom privacy film.

Perforated Large Format Window/Building Ads
Turn your windows into a billboard advertisement instantly. Large format building advertisements are often temporary but are highly effective for product launches.

Raised Lettering & Banners
Raised lettering brings your corporate identity to life and enhances product releases, celebrations and messages. They’re highly effective in front entrances- It’s all about first impressions.

Exterior/Large Format Signage
Why pay for billboard space when you can convey a message on your building? Large format signage demands attention by virtue of sheer size.

Mural – Large Format or Project 
Easily transform dead space into something attractive and meaningful by covering it with a digitally printed mural. Complement your surroundings while conveying your message.

Retail Digital Cover-Up
Advertise before opening. Cover up sheets of plywood and get the “buzz” started. Highlight what products/services you will be offering, point consumers to your website, and let them know when you are scheduled to open.

Construction Hoarding/Way Find
Showcase what the future holds for your local community. Hoarding protects both people and property. It’s a blank canvas to celebrate the construction/renovation process, by erecting a decorative mural on to the existing substrate of plywood or metal.

Textured Surface Graphics
Preserve the look and feel of real brick by conveying your message on thermoformed vinyl graphics. This film is applied and removed with heat, to textured substrates such as brick and concrete, to give the advertisement a “painted” appearance.

Office Signage & Custom Wallpaper
Enhance your corporate image by adding decorative signage to your office. Carry a theme throughout by using a series of pictures, or create your own custom wallpaper, and place it in common areas.

An easy and affordable way to address privacy concerns. Translucent film on the full glass surface allows large amount of sunlight to come in, while keeping prying eyes out. Stripes or other simple film patterns with clear spaces can be used to create a semi-private effect. How much privacy desired dictates the amount of clear space in the design.

Retail Cover Up
An aesthetic alternative to paper and plywood. One of our less permanent applications of graphic film covers windows when space is undergoing renovations or is unoccupied. Managers opt for a graphic film solution, where custom designs can communicate any number of messages but most importantly, maintain the quality image associated with the retail space. When the space is rented or renovation has been completed, the film can be easily removed.

Increased focus on safety and security. Property managers recognize that there is a risk associated with clear glass doors, windows and partitions. An economical solution is the installation of “vision strips.” These are small repeating graphics or logos which protect businesses.

Installation and Maintenance
Our certified installation staff will install the film with minimal disruption to your operations and without removing glass. Film can be easily cleaned with standard window cleaning solution and removed or replaced if required.